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About Major Mayhem 2

Guess what, it’s the sequel! Major Mayhem is back again to kick some butts and save the world and it even gets better as it comes in a new and improved package and it is simply called Major Mayhem 2. Major Mayhem 2 was created by Rocket Jump games and it is available worldwide. It is currently #7 trending action game on google play store and the adventure even gets better. With over 100 thousand downloads, 3766 votes in the space of weeks, Major Mayhem is off with a great start.

You should know if you are new to this, that the original Major Mayhem crossed over 10 million downloads on google play store. Major Mayhem 2 is even more improved than the original version and the thrill and excitement never runs out. This is adventure and action like never before. Major Mayhem 2 is available on Android and IOS worldwide with a download size of 86.83MB specifically optimized to work perfectly well for weaker devices and generally give you and every other player all across the globe an immense fun time. Download the Major Mayhem 2 now and enjoy the best of adventure and action.





Just like most games Major Mayhem 2 also comes with an objective. Your objective as a player of this excellent is to earn 150 medals. You get to play in 50 interesting different level and get all the medals. You also get to play featuring levels called ‘Boss Battle’ where you fight against the big evil boss. In the Major Mayhem 2 game, you get to enjoy completing the entertaining story while you are blasting the villains. You should also be glad to know that you can earn everything in this game absolutely free. Major Mayhem 2 starts with a tutorial. In case you have not played this game before, the Major Mayhem 2 tutorial will take you through the basics of this game. It will teach you how to jump, shoot, dodge and much more. The tutorial will guide you through everything you need to play this game exceptionally well, all you need to do is to tap on the enemy to start shooting.

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You should also know that the 50 levels in this game are as challenging as they are interesting and so it will not be so easy to earn the medals at every stage but it makes the game more fun and exciting. One important feature that came with this Major Mayhem 2 is the use of energy bar which was not present in the original version of this game. The energy bar does not allow you to play the game endlessly. It has a fixed energy timer bug that limits the level at which energy will be awarded but also making the Major Mayhem 2 game even more captivating.

Other new features and improvements included:

  • The balance of the weapons has been improved and it works better at a higher level.
  • UI fixes.
  • In the Major Mayhem 2 game, UI has been added to the map to make it more obvious on how to unlock later levels.
  • Bug fixes.
  • The frequency of epic cases has also been increased.
  • Crash fixes.
  • There is also an improvement in this game, as there is an option to purchases levels later, especially if the required number of medals has not been met.

All these and much more are available on the Major Mayhem 2 and you should hurry and download it now so as not to miss out on these advantages.



The Major Mayhem 2 game also comes with an impressive weapon system. The weapon system has been greatly improved, even more than the original version of this game series. You can now choose from a variety of impressive weapons to slay the hordes of your enemies. In this gameplay, you need to unlock some of the weapons and you unlock them with blueprints. The blueprints can be obtained from the chest and the chest can be obtained by collecting Mayhem points. Now the real question is how do you collect Mayhem points? You collect Mayhem points by playing the game levels and defeating enemies.

The weapons in the Major Mayhem 2 can be divided into four categories which are: Standard, Elite, Epic and Heroic. When you start playing this game, you will have to play with the default Standard weapons of low quality, which means you will have to hurry and gain Mayhem points so that you can unlock the Elite, Epic and Heroic weapons which are the best weapons and slay your enemies faster and better. Few of the many weapons and guns in the Major Mayhem 2 gameplay include: shotgun, pistol, bow and arrow, mini pow 5, magnam, pirate pistol, double dread, chicken cannon, compound bow, throwing knives, pow 50, sniper rifle, auto shotgun, M4 elite, plasma rifle and lots more. Download the amazing game and explore this awesome arsenal of weapons and guns.





The Major Mayhem 2 also comes with its own currencies that you can use in exchange of the items you need to enjoy the best of this gameplay. The currencies include:

  • Coins: Coins can be easily obtained by playing the game and can also be obtained from the game’s chest and can be used in exchange for diamonds.
  • Gems\Diamonds: you can earn gems by defeating the evil boss in the boss battle and also from the chest. You can use your gems to buy weapons, coins, and energy.
  • Energy: regenerates by itself after a few minutes and can also be obtained from gems. Gems refill the energy bar instantly although it is advisable to save your gems for other pressing needs. You cannot afford to miss out on all these. Download this breathtaking game now and start playing.




The Major Mayhem 2 has graphics that pull your interest and keeps you glued to your mobile screen all night long. It is very clear that Rocket Jump games have spent time creating the best and colorful HD graphics created to suit your high taste. That’s not all as this groundbreaking game also comes with simple controls that will impress you. with the simple and easy-to-grasp controls, you have been given unlimited access to non-stop action and adventure.

Major Mayhem 2 is just the game for you, as its break taking graphics and controls, its action paced gameplay spiced with adventure is all you need to spice up your day. Download the Major Mayhem 2 game today. No one can stop the Major of Mayhem, no one can stop you!





Coins and Gems in Major Mayhem 2

Being a mobile game released in this current era, Major Mayhem 2 is ridden with in-app purchases even more than its predecessor, the original Major Mayhem. The currencies used in the game are coins and gems and they can both be obtained by playing the game constantly albeit a bit difficult. Gems are the more valuable of the two, they cost more to purchase and just generally have more value to them.

With Major Mayhem 2 being an action game, the in-app currencies can be used to purchase a host of items which includes but not limited to weapons, gadgets, and armors. Gems can even be used to purchase coins and energy too. Instead of paying real cash to get Coins and Gems, we provide an alternative, major mayhem 2 hack which allows you to add the premium items instantly.




Major Mayhem 2 Hack, Cheats

Having the resources to spend on Major Mayhem 2 makes all the difference. This is exactly what our new major mayhem 2 hack offers. With enough resources, you would be able to play the game for longer, enjoy a wide selection of weapons and gadgets and cause the most destruction on your enemies.

Using our Major Mayhem 2 hack to add coins and gems to your game is very easy. Just follow the few steps outlined below.

  • Visit our new Major Mayhem 2 Coins and Gems Generator
  • Enter your username in the game
  • Select the number of Coins and Gems  required
  • Click on Generate
  • Complete the Short Human Verification process
  • After successful verification, wait for a few minutes
  • Open up your game to confirm the resources
  • Enjoy Major Mayhem 2




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